Frequently Asked Questions

The process for concrete installation may vary depending on the project. Generally, the process involves land grading, excavation, and lot clearing. Next, we focus on formwork construction, followed by the critical step of reinforcement placement. We then proceed with concrete pouring, leveling, and finishing. To guarantee longevity and durability, we also prioritize the curing and sealing stages.

Several variables factor into the timeline of a concrete project, such as its size, complexity, weather conditions, and other circumstances. Smaller projects, such as walkways or driveways, may only require a few days, while larger undertakings, like building foundations or comprehensive decorative work, can span several weeks. Rest assured, we provide a detailed project timeline upfront.

Keeping your concrete surfaces in prime condition involves regular cleaning with mild detergent and water. Harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners can harm the integrity of the concrete, so they should be avoided. We recommend sealing your concrete surfaces every few years to prevent staining and extend their lifespan. Prompt attention to any cracks that appear will also help avoid further deterioration.

Even though reinforced concrete is robust, it may develop cracks over time due to environmental factors like temperature changes, moisture, and heavy loads. While preventing all cracks is challenging, the likelihood can be greatly reduced with proper installation, reinforcement, and strategic joint placement. Practices like maintaining stable temperatures and incorporating control joints are key contributors to effectively managing crack formation.